PowerCLI: Check NTP status on numerous ESXi hosts

I was recently tasked with configuring and checking the NTP status on a large number of ESXi hosts over a dozen different networks/vCenters. I used Host Profiles to configure NTP but wanted a way to check the time on the hosts after the profile was pushed out due to complicated

Windows 10 Calculator and VMware’s article on an optimized Windows 10 image.

Several months ago, VMware released a great article (here) on creating an optimized Windows 10 image for VDI environments. One issue with the article is that they have a ‘scorched earth’ policy in regards to Windows 10 UWP apps – that is – they all get removed if you follow

How to clear the VMware Verify configuration from your on-premise VIDM

VMware Verify uses a cloud service (Authy) to provide its functionality.  If you have a cloud hosted VIDM, your VMware Verify authentication adapter (MFAAdapter) comes pre-configured.    On the other hand, with on-premise VIDM, you are required to obtain a token from VMware support to enable the feature. I found

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